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AM Code Highlighter

A code highlighting and styling plugin for WordPress.


AM Image Slider

A free, responsive image slider and slideshow creator for WordPress.



A modern, responsive WordPress theme built on the Bootstrap framework.


Dupe Clear

The best free duplicate file cleaner for Windows.


Manuka Honey

A modern and highly-responsive WordPress theme, with advanced SEO and presentation features built-in.



A cross-platform FTP client, with emphasis on ease-of-use.


Latest Posts

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    WordPress – Showing cookie consent in comments
    9 Jan '19
    WordPress has a neat feature that allows visitors to save their details in the browser when commenting. This prevents repeated typing fatigue. However, this option might not show up under the comments – even if the option is checked in the Admin settings page.
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    What I Use – January 2019
    3 Jan '19
    My toolset hasn’t changed much over the last couple of years. This is mainly because my existing PC seems to be holding up quite well, despite its age.
  • WordPress – Fixing issues with comment form not moving
    31 Dec '18
    Sometimes, you might notice the comment form not moving underneath a comment as expected. I had a similar bug in one of my themes. I used the same functions and structures in two themes, but one had the comment form working properly, whereas in the other the comment form wasn’t moving. After spending hours trying […]
  • jQuery – Fixing HTML anchor tags with fixed navbars
    30 Dec '18
    You may have noticed that your HTML # anchor tags no longer line up properly if you have a fixed navbar. It’s easily fixable with some simple jQuery.
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    SSH command cheatsheet
    29 Dec '18
    I find myself frequently using SSH to perform commands that otherwise take painfully long over regular FTP. I keep the following cheatsheet nearby to help me out.